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CeydaYG Law Firm was established by Ceyda Yarligacli, Attorney at Law. After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Anadolu (Anatolia) University, she spent five years in London, during which time she earned a Graduate Diploma in Law, in the Postgraduate Program (also known as the Common Professional Examination) at BPP Law School. While in the UK, Ms. Yarligacli worked part time on a pro-bono basis translating Human Rights applications into English, as well as volunteering across a wide spectrum of legal work. She completed a work experience contract with Thomas Mansfield LLP, returning to Turkey in 2008 to complete her legal training, after which she established CeydaYG Law Firm. 


Mrs. Yarigacli’s wide knowledge of both UK and Turkish Law and business practice enables her to negotiate cross-border agreements with or on behalf of foreign investors and foreign companies. She is skilled in the transliteration of EU contracts into Turkish law to generate locally binding international contracts. She specializes in providing legal services to the expatriate community in Southern Turkey.

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