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Company Law

Legal Counseling services for national and international businesses:

İn the practice, the purpose of the legal counseling is to take measure to prevent any legal issues which may arise in the future. Therefore, using legal consultancy is somewhat important for companies for  not only reducing the legal cost of  legal  issues but also any lost may incurred by the company due to the unpervert legal issues especially if the business is conducted within the border of the different country.  The legal consultancy will take you ahead of your competitor.


Establishing companies with native and foreign capital

As a law firm, we take our clients request with its own circumstances. We evaluate your needs and direct you the suitable type of the company fit in your needs. We wish to take the opportunity of the establishment of companies as the beginning of a long term attorney and client relationship in the Turkish Commercial life.


Preparing cross-border contracts

We are specialized preparing/evaluating cross-border contracts in appropriate English  language.

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