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Information Power Of Attorney

Power of Attorney as provided for lawyers in Turkey must be issued at a notary public’s office in either the country of Turkey itself (within its legal jurisdiction) or at the Turkish Consulate in foreign countries. 


Advocatory General Power of Attorney (a power of attorney where a lawyer acts on behalf of a client) has a standard format and content set out in a fixed format ready prepared for you in the offices of the Notary Public or the Consulate.However, you may wish to vary the content of the Power of Attorney in accordance with your needs to give explicit power to the proxy in cases such as the buying or selling of property and/or divorce.  

Furthermore, if you are outside of Turkey and cannot physically attend the Consulate Office nearest you, then the relevant Power of Attorney may be issued by the notary of the country in which you find yourself. However, in that case, the Power of Attorney must be stamped with the Apostille Seal by requirement of the Hague Convention in international law.  It must also be translated into English by an official permitted to do that by the Court in tha

Sample Of Power Of Attorney

I ……………….hereby assign the attorney from Antalya Bar, Ceyda Yarlıgaçlı who is resident in the address of İsmet Gökşen Cad. Şirinyalı mah. 1528. Sok. Şahbaz Ap. No:50/3 ANTALYA under the registry number 3138, identification number ............................ as my jointly or severally attorney to be authorised and empowered in order to represent me in all the cases filed for or against me or those that shall be filed and also those that have been or shall be filed by us against other persons in the legal, commercial, criminal, labour courts, Supreme Court, Council of State, in any department and degree in the courts, committees, offices and organs, commissions of Turkish Republic as a plaintiff, defendant, intervener and third person under any capacity, profession and way by reason of  the jobs that require follow up in all the commissions and for the disagreements with the Treasury, to protect my rights and interest, to fulfil the procedures that the attorney finds appropriate, to file a case, to request participation to follow up the filed case, to participate, to deliver any kind of petitions and pleadings to the related organs under his own signature, to send and receive notifications, to present expert witness, to protest those that are presented by the other party, to protest, to notify with official warning and notification, to receive those that are given and to reply for these, to offer an oath, to receive or cancel the offered oath, to demand recusation, to request inspection, to accept or reject the inspection requests, to have them fulfill precautionary and executive injunctions, to follow the procedures in all the Supreme Court, Council of State and other state offices and to complete and to have the related procedures completed, to defend, to appeal, to request the decree to be corrected, to request to be exempted from the court hearing, to attend the court trials that will occur in absentia, to be present at tax and insurance inspections, to present the books and records, to receive and deliver, to represent at rejection and appeal commissions, to receive the attorney’s fees and expenses to be granted at the courts and execution offices, to sign the written undertakings, to request the rejection of the trial, to request the revision of the whole case, to accept the cases  or to be filed, to withdraw from the case,  to agree the withdrawal of the case, to collect and receive, to reconcile and release, to appoint, design and discharge the others  with all or some part of these powers.

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