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Property Law


Once you decide to live in a country such as Turkey, you silently accept the law of the country. Purchasing a property in Turkey  may be a starter for you as it may be more complicated than in your own country and contain some obstacles for foreigners who are not familiar with the Turkish property law and conduct of business style, however we can smooth this process for you, making sure that you are fully protected legally and accurately advised at all stages of the purchase; that the actual contract is correctly written, and that all requisite title searches, surveys and other tasks are undertaken in a timely manner. 


We help to arrange a mortgage if required, including identifying possible local funding sources such as banks and building societies and completing the necessary forms.

As a law firm we further can be some assistance to you for obtaining a Turkish residence permit if you required so.


İf you are a property owner in Turkey, you are advised to get a legal consultation on the Turkish inheritance law as the Turkish law will apply.

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