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Why retain a local attorney when doing business in Antalya or to manage your personal affairs?

Conducting business in Turkey or managing your personal affairs such as purchasing a property may be more complicated than in your own country, particularly if you are not fluent in Turkish and familiar with the legal system in this country. We recommend that you have your legal transactions undertaken by a local, independent and English-speaking attorney at law for these simple reasons:

You won’t need a translator.

You will get better, more prompt service from a lawyer with local knowledge whose primary purpose is to serve the expatriate community and foreign investors in the Antalya region.

As attorneys at law, we cannot breach Turkish laws and regulations without sanction by the Turkish Bar Association; therefore we are required to provide advice which is accurate and appropriate to both the Turkish and EU legal systems.

As attorney at law, we are privileged professionals who may request information from TAPU offices, Chambers of Commerce, etc. on your behalf. We can research local businesses, local issues, and local property matters more effectively than a foreigner or an Istanbul based practice. The Turkish Code of Law 4667: Clause 2 states;

“Judicial bodies, law enforcement agencies, other state institutions and organizations including state economic enterprises, private and state banks, notaries, insurance companies and charitable foundations must assist attorneys at law to execute their duty. Exception with the particularly stated situations in law, these bodies are obliged to provide the requisite information and documents by an attorney at law to examine on his/her request.”

Upon execution of a power of attorney, we can undertake all the steps that are necessary to be taken not requiring you to remain in-country for the duration of the matter.

An Attorney at Law may advice you on the other legal aspects of the matter that you are not aware of.


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