Have you prepared your Turkish Will?

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The Turkish Civil Code permits the use of Wills or Testaments which have been deposited in a foreign country to be enforced by Turkish Courts, and by Turkish bailiff’s offices, provided that the Will or Testament has been translated by a Court-Approved translator or interpreter. However, such inheritance transactions and claims which concern immovable property or real estate in Turkey are excluded from this rule. Where real property and real estate are concerned, the Turkish law that relates to these matters must be applied. Where this matters often is when a non-Turkish citizen/and or resident wishes to leave his or her property not to the automatic, presumptive heirs (i.e. the donor’s closest relations), but to a third party, such as a charity or a friend. In Turkish law, there is a ‘reserved portion’ specified which must be left to the presumptive heirs, no matter what may be the wishes of the donor.

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