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Legal proceeding in Turkey regarding transfer of property or other Estate after the death of Foreign

As there have been an increase number of the foreigners buying property and living in Turkey in years, there has been legal enquires by the relatives/heirs of the foreigner deceased who owned a property or hold a bank account in Turkey. Transferring the title deed of the property into the name of the legal heirs/beneficiaries of the foreigner deceased and withdrawing the money in the deceased’s bank account may be problematic for Foreigners heirs due to the Legal and procedural system in Turkey where the inheritance process are also involved with the bureaucracy. When a person dies in Turkey, the legal heirs/beneficiaries must obtain certificate of inheritance whether the deceased is Turkish or not however the Turkish citizens can obtain the document from the local notary, the foreigner heirs cannot. Foreigner heirs must obtain the certificate of inheritance from the court. Obtaining the document from the court, there are certain required documents which needs to be submitted to the court with notarized translations. After obtaining the Turkish determination of heirship from the court, the procedural law must be follow with the Turkish Tax office. Then taking both the certificate of inheritance and tax dismissal document to the title deed office and the bank, the transfer procedure can start. We handle such cases with experience.

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