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Purchasing property in Turkey and our services - Real Estate Law

Purchasing a property in Turkey may be more complicated than in your own country, however we can smooth this process for you, making sure that you are fully and accurately advised at all stages of the purchase; that the actual contract is correctly written, and that all requisite title searches, surveys and other tasks are undertaken in a timely manner.

We are pleased to offer legal advice in reference to related areas such as inheritance law as regards real property ownership in Turkey.

Our services include:

  • Assessing the client’s eligibility to acquire Turkish real estate as a means of the principle of reciprocity. (There is a principle of reciprocity in Turkish Real Estate law which holds that only those citizens whose home nations permit Turks to acquire property in their country may themselves purchase real estate in Turkey.)

  • Conducting the requisite checks at the Land Registry and Municipality Offices to ensure that the vendor is legally entitled and authorized to sell the property in question.

  • Investigating, arranging and confirming that the property has the necessary zoning and housing planning approval, construction permits, habitation certificates, etc.

  • Ascertaining that the property is not restricted by debts, liens, conflicting property rights, and that no taxes are due to be paid on the property.

  • Preparing the sales contract.

  • Obtaining a tax identification number and opening a local bank account.

  • Helping to arrange a mortgage if required, including identifying possible local funding sources such as banks and building societies and completing the necessary forms.

  • Applying to the relevant office of the Army of Turkey to obtain clarification that the real estate to be purchased is not located in a region where property may not be held by foreign nationals or in a territory which is protected by the Army.

  • When a property purchase is funded or part-funded by a mortgage, a lien is almost always placed on the property, such that the lender acquires rights to the property in the event of default on payments due. This charge must be correctly worded and presented to ensure that title is clearly and correctly ascertained.

  • Transferring the title deed into the name of the new owner(s).

  • Connecting your utilities and arranging billing.

  • Applying for a residence permit on your behalf.

  • Providing advice on the management of the board of property owners.

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